The Adventures of a Hat

When I was a kid, my father liked to take the family out on adventurous excursions ranging from trekking the wilderness to finding hidden lakes. These little treasures defined our time together as a family. We would go snorkeling in waters that no one had heard of, dodge the poison ivy as we trekked into forbidden forests, and hop the fence to see what lies beyond that “no trespassing” sign. My father has never heard of rules and he was never about to let anything stop him from exploring his curiosity about what’s behind the scenes in life. What does society hide from the world? What perfections are being disguised as imperfections to the human species? What lies are being fed to us and what truths are being lulled into our bodies as if they are all-encompassing commandments?

Seeking inspiration for my first non-introductory blog post, I am posed to write about something precious that I have lost. There is no other precious material as strong as the bond between myself and the hat I would take with me on these adventures. It was my adventure hat! I suppose that’s why it held so much value. It was not just a piece of materialism. It was the item that stood close to my heart, signifying adventure and comfort in times of uncertainty. After all, how can one be certain of safety when you’re trekking through a forest full of bears or are dodging patches upon patches of poison ivy? While I did not acknowledge this value in myself at the time, I did realize the significance of its presence in my life upon losing it. A hat’s significance? Yes, you heard that right. When I was roughly 10 years old, my father took us on an adventure in Muskoka, Ontario. The sun was beaming bright in the sky, with rays of warmth setting upon my face, as the wind rushed back against us through our topless TJ Sahara Jeep Wrangler. It was a beautiful day, to say the least. We were on our way to have another adventure when disaster struck – the highway! Well, that’s an exaggeration. Everybody was fine, except my hat. My wonderful, magnificent hat had suddenly gained significance in my life the moment the wind blew it off of my head at a speed of 100kmph on the highway. There was no going back then. Otherwise, I would have a significantly powerful story to tell you about how I rolled out of a jeep wrangler and dodged speeding cars in order to retrieve the hat that almost got away. I guess that’s the significance of this story. I lost something precious and definitive of a great time in my life. I cried over the loss and was devastated to learn we could not turn around on the highway to get it. But, that is life. Our past is always behind us. You can only progress forward and, with that said, it is your duty to live your life in the present moment. You cannot find what once made you happy in the past and rely on it to do the same today. I am 100% certain that this hat would hold no significance to my happiness today.

So, with that, dear reader, I have presented to you a story about a hat. More than that, I have presented to you a story about living life in the moment and never dwelling in the past. Life is about moving forward and finding the things that deliver meaning to you on a daily basis. You cannot find it in the past, nor in the future, but in the here and now.


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