Unlocked and Unsealed

Can I keep a secret?
Here is a big fat juicy one for you. No.

Everything that is a part of me – all my aspirations, desires, regrets, and confusions – is bound to be shared. In. Due. Time.

Your secrets, they never become a part of me. They are yours and I keep them that way. Whosoever decides to share with me their deepest, darkest secret will have it deflected back onto them. I will NOT keep your secret. I will blast it back in your face, to the extent that all the secrets harboured within that one secret will all come falling to the ground. And as I help you pick up the pieces – like the shards of glass that they are, so delicate and fragile – I will ask you about each and everyone of them. Because, frankly, secrets are ridiculous anomalies of the mind and heart. Why be ashamed of something when we all share in the same human experience? Why be dishonest with who you are?

I’ll be your friend, but I won’t keep your secret. 


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