Beautiful Dreams

“What do you dream of?” she asked.

“All of the beautiful things in this world,” you responded.

You pursue that white house on the beach,

with the swimming pool overlooking the ocean,

and the tons of money stored away in your safe to fulfill your future desires,

and let’s not forget the vast array of affectionate, fun-loving furry companions.

Then you achieve it,

and you want more.

Everything you have done in your life has lead up to this moment of fortitude.

But you still crave to fill your box up with new desires and dreams.

All of this to fulfill a standard of beauty.

All of this to make up for a deficiency.

We live in a world where the concept of beauty is most often contingent on materialism. We make our dreams based off of the visual beauties that entrance our eyes, but rarely do we pronounce our dreams based off of the little gifts from mother Earth herself.

When was the last time you felt satisfied with all of the little beauties surrounding you? How often do you overlook what you have in essence of yearning?

Beauty is subjective indeed.


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