A Verbose Mind

Does she have anything worth saying AT ALL? Or is she just dumb?

Maybe she’s hiding something. You know: The quiet ones are always doing the evil plotting. Watch out for them.

Maybe she is just a reserved introvert and the best way to get at her mind is to ask, or to read. Her speech is short and concise, but her words on paper often hit the verbose side… because when they are right in front of her, she is so intrigued by this person before her that she wants to get to know her more. The more she does, the more she wants.

As if she were flipping through the pages of a novel…

There’s nothing more satisfying than learning and knowing more about who this character is.

And the beauty of it is… she can write anything about her and know whether she is telling the truth or not.

She speaks so little that the only way she can make up for the flow of thoughts on her mind, and the actions within a day, is through the pouring of her soul onto these pages.

She cannot theorize why she is the way she is. She is just like you: human with the variabilities of childhood consequences, personality, and her own wit and charm added in. Sugar and spice makes everything nice, right?


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