The Tide’s Gift

I drew a circle in the sand,
as a gift to the ocean’s tide
in exchange for all of the good it had brought me
from coolers on the beach
to fun in the sun.
I went back to the shoreline,
expecting my circle to be absorbed in the tide’s mist.
it was still there.
Wandering off to a nearby distance.
I kneeled down,
letting the grains of sand pick up on my bare legs
as I waited for the tide to come in,
and take my gift back to its creator.
I watch.
The tide strides in;
It creates a soft sensation in my ears,
I get a whiff of the salt in the air,
and slowly close my eyes,
silently enjoying…
the heartbeat of the ocean,
the thudding in and out of each wave,
as it hits the shore.
I open my eyes.
The circle I drew is still there.
There may be waves,
but the tide is too low.
I realize…
If I really want to see it happen,
I must wait…
Wait as long as I can,
even if it takes a lifetime.
A few hours pass.
The tide rises,
and it whirls into shore,
only slightly reaching the circle.
I grow impatient,
but I wait a little longer.
More time passes.
I’m beginning to think…
Did I draw my circle too far away from the tide?
I wait a few hours more.
Eventually, the sun sets and it’s time to go.
As I draw my feet from the sand,
I take a look at the circle I drew.
It hasn’t happened yet.
I walk with a fast pace towards the circle in the sand.
Peering into it,
I place one foot in it,
and the other on the line that created it.
I think for a second…
I smudge it and erase the circle,
leaving little angel wings of footprints in the sand,
as I run off towards the parking lot.
The mark still remains,
Altered by my solution,
but at least I resolved it.
I realize for the final time,
that if you want something to happen,
Don’t wait.
Do it yourself.
And for the first time I realize…
that not everyone or thing
is deserving of the gifts you set out to bring.

– p.p. // the tide’s gift // created in 2008, revised November 16 2014


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