Seven Years

Every seven years the body renews itself. Our old cells are replaced with new cells, taking action to redefine our entire character. At least, that’s how the story goes.

Seven years ago this time of year, I was just a kid, sobbing her heart out at the loneliness that had enveloped her soul, slicing memos into her arms until “the one” was found. —Or, at least, one of “the one”s.

Seven years and two crossed off “one”s later, I am an adult. Although I have many lessons yet to be learned, I am a Goddess, infused with the bold beauty of knowledge and wisdom from the previous years.

Seven years is a long time. The body undergoes so many transformations. The soul absorbs much of what we experience. There’s a lot that can happen to the human mind in that time.

Will seven years make or break us?

Like I said, seven years ago around this time of year, I was a sobbing mess, confined by the tears and fears of mortality.

Today, my cells have reconfigured themselves in every way possible to make me into the immortal being that I am. I gaze valiantly into the abyss, awaiting the call that beckons my soul. For I am a Goddess, trapped in a human’s body.

– p.p. / seven years / November 17 2014


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