One Nap at a Time

I am so drained. In the sac, I will be once the clock strikes ten at night.

Try to go to bed at a good hour and wake up at sunrise. They say it is good for the mind and heart. It, too, is a sight to love.

Sleep: it is best when you feel sick. When you got the chills, wrap your body up and close your eyes. When you feel the shakes, climb on the bed and bring those knees close, sheets wrapped tight. Let your eyes block out the light.

Sleep: It is great when you want to end a full day. It is your best friend. Sleep will coax you out of a rut and give you a smile when you need it most. Just close your eyes and dream of the last time you went out with a friend.

Sleep: It is great when you want to tune the world out. Got too much on your mind? Stress has got you down? Close your eyes and dream that you are in flight. Leave the world at the door for a bit.

When your gut sends a sign, shut your eyes and think not once – nor twice – what will be… But dream of all of the good that will come. All will feel new at dawn. Think then, once sleep has left your side.

That is all I will say. For I need a nap. Good night!


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