25 things I learned by 24

I. When you have a passion, don’t let it float away into the abyss of self-doubt. Follow it. Make it a goal to find a home for yourself within that passion. If you won’t do it, no one else will.

II. A person who never asks always risks losing the worm.

III. Romantic relationships are at the precipice of happiness. The more you pursue it in light of your happiness, the more you risk endangering yourself. Always ensure your happiness comes before anyone, or anything, else. You are important, my dear.

IV. That twinkle in your eyes when you are doing something you enjoy – Keep it. Never settle for something less than enjoyable. Your life is too short to be committed to something that makes you feel miserable. You ought to spend all of your work and play in a position of contentment.

V. Do not pursue love in hopes of fulfilling a self-love deficit. Love is not the bee’s knees. It is a wonderful feeling, but it is only a bandaid when it comes to the true fulfillment that self-love brings. Love will never deprecate when you have ounces of it pouring out from your soul, as opposed to into your soul. Self-love is the medication to any emotional ailment you incur.

VI. Always show your appreciation for your family and friends. Expiration dates are unwritten when it comes to human life. Tomorrow may just be the day. Let your loved ones know how much you love them, often.

VII. The worst thing you can do to yourself is miscommunicate. Whether that is to yourself or to a loved one. Be honest with your feelings and dare to show them unapologetically. At the end of the day, you only have yourself to appease. With that said, monitor your thoughts and feelings. Keep a journal. Write your thoughts out.

VIII. You only have yourself to blame when things go awry. No one can read your mind. It is wrong to expect someone to fulfill the demands of a hidden agenda. Do not get sad or mad when others do not understand. Rather, communicate and educate them on your message.

IX. Always be patient with others. Everyone has their own speed to learning and understanding.

X. Active listening does not mean simply letting people speak. It means being there. Empty your mind of what you are going to say when they finish talking and listen to them. Take in what they are saying. Ask them how they feel about what they are relaying to you.

XI. Our stories are not a competition of who has it better or worse. They are valuable figures of content that share a person’s victories, battles, and extraordinary lives. Be grateful when a person decides you are worthy of hearing their story.

XII. Expectation is the root of all evil. Gratitude is its brighter counterpart. Stop expecting things to happen and be content with what you have. More than that, be grateful for your life.

XIII. Never sacrifice time with your friends for a lover. Friends will last longer than most romantic relationships will. And they will most likely be there when things do not work out. Be on good terms with those you cherish.

XIV. If you ever find yourself in a rut and are finding it difficult to get out of bed, stay there. Give yourself a day or two to reflect on your thoughts and feelings and find solutions. After that time, you must make a pact with yourself to find happiness. Use that time to set goals, even small ones such as making the bed, and complete them all. Small goal achievements are the gateway to bigger and better goal achievements. Every little step counts.

XV. Sometimes experience is better than money. If it is something that will bring you closer to your ultimate goal, consider it. If it brings you pleasure all the same, rack up the experiences for they will reward you down the road.

XVI. Talk to strangers. Everyone has their own unique story to tell. PLUS, you never know when a treasurable friend may just be sitting right next to you. Always be safe about it though, and meet strangers in a public setting.

XVII. Learn to accept when things are no longer serving you and let them go. Friends included. If a person puts you down or abuses you, pack their bags and send them on their merry way. There are no second chances when it comes to valuing your worth.

XVIII. People will not always be there for you. It does not mean they do not care. People have their own lives to tend to first. The same goes for you.

XIX. Listen to music. It is a natural serotonin-booster and the remedy to all of life’s ailments.

XX. Embrace the beauty of nature. When you are alone with your thoughts, nature will provide you with the alleviation of all your daily stresses. Take a walk and breathe in the brisk air. Admire the greens on the trees, the blossoming flowers, or the way the snow falls and makes its home on the ground. This beauty is yours to embrace for the next stretch of your life. Don’t soil it. Or rather, do. Just don’t ruin it.

XXI. If you’re ever lacking confidence in yourself, try a power pose. Fake it until you make it. Stretch your arms out and spread your legs and feel the confidence overcome your body. Don’t forget to smile while you’re at it. A happy confidence goes a longer way than arrogance.

XXII. Traveling will broaden your mind and illuminate your soul. Whether it is down the street or across the world, go places alone. Taste the history and see the culture. The world is at your fingertips for you to explore. With current transportation technologies, travel is one of the greatest experiences of our time.

XXIII. Love your body. It is a gift that you have been given in order to travel this delicate universe in this time and space. Cherish what has been awarded you.

XXIV. Let go. Practice being mindless from time to time. Don’t think. The more you empty your vessel of negative energies, the more positive energies you can put in.

XXV. And last, but not least, and quite contrarily: Be mindful of your surroundings. Savour the flavour and texture of your food. Inhale the scent of your room. Feel all that surrounds you and listen to what your gut tells you. Mindfulness is the key to unlocking your inner power.


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