Travel Lightly, Search Brightly – Your home abroad awaits.


Such a thought had been pervasive in her mind for weeks, years even. It was only recently when she came across a starstruck lover that she realized the wanderlust hidden deep inside of her, a fluttering feeling of hopes and fears dancing the tango. She had a desire to fly away from home. As the old saying suggests, she was not a tree. Her life was not one to be rooted in one place for all of her days.


Her eyes darted to the corner of her room, where she had locked up all her dreams. It was there she sought to regain her composure – to reopen Pandora’s box and pursue the unimaginable. She wanted to do it with her heart wide open, embracing the change of a thousand tidal waves upon her soul. She was ready to dive face first into her new humble abode. If only she knew…


She thought to herself long and hard. Her mind lingered to the remnants of her past lover’s home and her newfound beau’s history. She fiddled with the idea of her heritage. Taking a deep breath in, she closed her eyes and exhaled, “New Zealand”. No particular reason why, aside from a burning curiosity to take a dive into the unknown and embrace something beautiful.


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