Goodbye dear reader

Dear Readers,

It is with great sadness that I must inform you of my decision to close this blog. Due to the inactivity and my lack of passion for writing, I feel this blog no longer serves a purpose. To my family and friends who constantly supported me in my passion for writing, thank you for all of the time and support you gave me. I just cannot do it anymore. There is nothing left to be written. I am empty. Life is a treasure box that must be explored, not written about. Writing is an aimless endeavour that no longer serves me. With that said, I have found a new passion within the world of food. I plan on dedicating my time to the art of couch-surfing and eating – for such is the treasure that I aim to find in my life. Nothing has made me happier than the laziness that envelops my dear heart. Thank you and I bid you all adieu as I close this blog.

April Fools, fools! Expect something new soon!


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