The Happy Wanderer

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Happy Wanderer.”

Good evening! I haven’t done a daily prompt in awhile and, honestly, I was not about to. BUT this one just so happens to fit in perfectly with recent developments in my life.

Six months ago, I made the move from Southern Ontario to Whistler, BC with every single ounce of my plans mapped out. Before coming out here, I had my job and accommodations set up, as well as had pre-planned a season of skiing for the winter. My traveling style was that of a timid traveler – someone who had never left the den and feared the unknown. Today, it has changed. Although I have not traveled out of the country, I have traveled across Canada to a place far away from all that I have known. I have stepped outside my comfort zone into a whole new world. This world is much more carefree and go with the flow. In a matter of seconds, your plans can change. You could go from a pre-planned day of rock-climbing and drinks to chasing the skyline along the sea-to-sky highway just for a day in the city of Vancouver.

I would quite like to say that I am a structured individual, with a need to map out my travel plans and set up an itinerary. I like having some idea of the future. However, life is a happenstance in itself and individuals change. I have learned the art of flow. To arrive in a place without a plan and let the moment take you where it takes you… is to be one with the universe. It is to let the future guide you, instead of trying to cease and control the future as your own. It is to master the skill of loose inhibitions and savoured moments. Nothing is to be controlled. We are only human – It is our life task to explore the moment; not to seize the future. Will you sit on your deathbed wishing you had planned more for the future? Or wishing you had savoured every single moment of life you had been blessed with?

Traveling and living in a whole new place has taught me how to be present and satiated by happenstance. No longer am I unsettled by the uncertainty that sits before me. I know that the universe is guiding me where I need to be. Although, some recognition of where I am heading is always desired. Perhaps, I am that happy medium between structure and random chance.

Thank you for reading. Perhaps my next post will be a review of Whistler, BC. I quite like the place – I would not even consider Ontario an option of return at this point.


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