8 Ways to a Life Well Lived

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Success!.”

How to live a successful life:

1) FAITH: Trust in the universe.

2) TROD ON: Travel lightly, search brightly.

3) MINDFULNESS: Let go of the past and do not try to control the future – Rather: seize the moment. Manifest your destiny now, but do not worry for what does not exist right at this moment.

4) LOVE: Find the one and do not smother them – unless it is in love and kisses. And do not forget to spread the love around to other soulmates such as friends and family.

5) SELFLESSNESS: Always have an extra dose of love and respect in your pocket wherever you go.

6) PRACTICALITY: Accept practicality and embrace the art of rough-housing. You never know when the mastery of such an art will come in handy.

7) BEWARE OF GREED: Acknowledge that money is not everything and you really are not going to regret the time you did not spend in the office.

8) SELF-LOVE: Know that deep within lays the kindest friend – that is you. Acknowledge this person and appreciate them for the years that they have stood by you when no one else has. Pay attention to yourself first and foremost.


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