Trust in the Universe

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Take It From Me.”

I always say to trust in the universe to take you to where you need to be because I truly believe that everything unfolds as it should. I believe that life brings you to where you need to be in order to learn and to rejoice in the circumstances we have found ourselves in. And yet, my actions as of lately have not even remotely depicted these words. “Trust in the Universe”: I let these words echo in my mind, the roll of the phrase lingering on my tongue – it is a stale fragment of my imagination. I have buried myself in worry and I see myself pushing away every single individual that cares because I just cannot manifest a straight line of sight to follow. I do not know what lays ahead and the uncertainty scares me. The taste of failed pasts still lingers in my mouth. The future seems just as daunting. I fear the continuation of this path will lead to a loss of self and the wrought of anxiety building its pit in my stomach. I am afraid to drain and to be drained. I find myself swallowing my words or spitting them up more often than the smooth sail that I have spent decades assailing for.

But all I can say to myself is: “Trust in the Universe.” Maybe that is just not enough.

Maybe if I just added another piece of advice to that, it would be easier… “Trust in the universe. Let go of what was or will be.” You cannot settle your life into the void, you must always look after yourself while understanding that this moment in time is what matters most – not the future or the past. Let go of the need for control and manifest your destiny in this very moment for what has happened – and will happen – holds no currency to this very second.

Now, to just remember that.


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