The Path of Diamonds

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend.
They were wrong.
A path surrounded by diamond’s is man’s greatest demand,
for within it, is man’s best journey.

Surrounded by glistening beauty and radiant lights,
this path speaks of a love so foreign to our human body experience.
No lie can get in.
No tie can get out.

The path of diamonds is one of enlightened hearts and brilliant minds,
where eternity strikes and immortality begins,
as two hearts meet and bind,
to treasure this path of brightened resilience,
whereby everything transcends from physical to metaphysical.

To take this path under the guided light of fate and faith,
hand-in-hand with another,
of whom also shares such beauty, compassion, and wisdom for life,
of whom also deserves nothing more than to rise and shine their brightest,
bringing their heart free of burden and to feel its rightest,
that is the path most desired,
most escaped,
most rare.

To have someone to share it with,
to treasure this journey of life,
to treasure the company of one another,
to treasure ourselves
even in the demands of strife
without hostility,
without a doubt,
that is a gem.

Be cautious of expectations,
dream big and freely,
and love every moment,
for this life of diamond pathways is a gift.

– Paige M.P. / Path of Diamonds (August 8 2011)


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