A Billion Acts of Kindness

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “You’re a Winner!.”

This is an easy question to answer, brimming with loads of endless possibilities! What could one do with a billion dollars? Billions of things! I can think of many generic answers such as to buy a house, travel, get a fancy car, put your children through school, party, share it with my friends, charity, etc… Not that I want to do them. These just seem like the first things to pop up in response to this question.

Recently, I have been inspired by a friend who commits himself to random acts of kindness everyday. Whether he is a gullible idiot or just a genuine person with a heart of gold (or both), I will continue to ponder (sorry if you are reading this!). I do not know his financial status, nor do I intend to pry but he is a person who does what he says and commits to it. His happiness comes from the act of making another person’s day, whether it is anonymously buying coffee for a line-up of coffee fanatics or ensuring a homeless person is happy, healthy, and fed. He walks with a smile and spews compliments out everywhere he goes: he is Mr. Brightside. When I went to dinner with him and his lady friend, I got to see first-hand his words come into action. He decided not only to buy my meal, but also to buy the couple sitting behind us their meal. Of course, his lady friend and I looked on in disbelief: How can one be so generous to a couple of people they do not even know? It is amazing because all that he wanted to see was the smile on their faces as they got a bill of $0.00, without his act being recognized as his possession. I think we have been socialized into a world that is give-and-take. Understandably, When you put hours of hard work into earning your money and treating others, you may begin to expect a reward. If you give, you expect a “thank you” in the least of returns. And while a “thank you” is nice in recognition of a good deed, it is expectation that soils any act of kindness into a bag of manipulation and tricks. To give without expectation of anything at all is a beautiful trait to possess and for having witnessed this act, I am grateful. And for having been fed a delicious meal by a friend, I am extra grateful.

With all that said, I am inspired to say that the greatest happiness comes from the heart and the capacity to share what exists there. And if I had a billion dollars, I think the best thing I could do for myself is take this inspiration and pay it forward. I would want to share it with as many people as I could because the richest people are not the people with the most money, but the people with the most smiles surrounding them. To make someone’s day a little bit more easy just by letting them know another person is willing to help in whatever way is a beautiful thing. I am grateful to have seen someone’s words follow through into action.

Thank you for reading my thoughts! Have a good day/night!


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