I give to seek, I seek to give…

When you give, are you giving with love or seeking recognition?

Ask yourself why you do what you do for others: is it out of love or a desire for recognition? If you are seeking recognition for your acts of kindness, you may be suffering from a self-love deficit for this route is brimming with high expectations of return and the potential of disappointment. If it is out of love, then congratulations my friend. You are genuinely kind and will be hard to disappoint. Continue to let the love pour out. If you are unsure, here are three way to spot whether you are a lover or a seeker:

(1) Expectation.

Lovers give and expect next to nothing in return. In fact, many do not expect anything and, rather, feel joy just from the act of giving and seeing the person they are giving to, happy. Seekers, on the other hand, seek. They expect their acts to be recognized, appreciated, and sometimes returned.. This is not a bad thing. However, it is not exactly a healthy feeling for the soul for expectation breeds disappointment.

(2) Trust.

Lovers trust implicitly. Seekers seek the truth more than they should. What that means is seekers try to control the situation in order to create a more trusting atmosphere all the while not allowing things to fall into place naturally. Lovers strive for growth, yet go with the flow of the universe and take on what needs to be done as it needs to be.

(3) Comparison.

Do you ever look at good things that someone has and feel jealousy instead of happiness? Do you ever look at the bad things happening to someone and feel a little bit better about yourself? The gist of it is that you don’t feel happiness from others happiness. Comparison is not a bad construct – it definitely helps us move along. If you find yourself comparing in order to feel better about yourself and your situation, you are likely a seeker. Compare in order to move on and to grow as an individual. If you are genuinely happy and/or unaffected by the successes of others, then you may be a lover. Same goes for if you desire the betterment of someone who has failed.

What are you? A lover or a seeker? If you find yourself seeking more than loving, that is okay. Try to let go and trust in the universe: Be grateful for what you have and where you are in this time and place. Trust that you are a perfect sentient being as you are! And let others successes aid you in your journey of life.


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