Writing is harder the longer you go without doing it. The longer you go, the more it slides off of the list of priorities. Looking back on my past writing, I see a person that had a bit of potential (and a bit of naivety) and then … BOOM! Just disappeared from the universe of writing. Getting back into it seems difficult. It’s like I’m really trying to find the motivation but it’s just miles away and all I have on me for mode of transportation is my own two feet. (Literally, I’ve been walking everywhere for the past two years!) It has been forever since I have written a single word of meaning and it feels like forever to get back into that mode of writing, journaling, channeling thoughts, etc onto paper and/or computer screen. But I suppose all I can really do is…

Just. Write.

Just write until all of the motivation comes back.

Ah yeah, that sounds about right. Ha. Get it? #cheesypun

So that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to stop focusing on making this blog anything really and just focus on getting into the mode of writing again. And then I shall see where I go from there because I really liked writing at some point and I think I could like it again. Consider it therapy; therapy that you can see me indulging myself in… Oh god, now I’m feeling shy!





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